A boy went to the outskirts of his town, where the Once-ler lived. Curiosity of the boy made him
want to know more of what used to be of this town and by the request of the Once-ler the Boy paid
the him.
Long ago the Once-ler arrived at the place which used to have green grass and clean air everywhere,
where the animals like the brown Bar-ba-loots and Humming-Fish were roaming freely among
Truffula trees. The Once-ler had been seeking for raw materials which the Truffula trees’ had lots of
and this raw material was calledtruffs and they were ideal.
The Once-ler used the Truffs and knitted a Thneeds, a versatile invention of his, it could be described
by him as “something which everyone needs”. After chopping down the tree the Once-ler
summoned The Lorax, the one who speaks for the trees as the trees had no say.
Greed took over the Once-ler and he continued chopping down the Truffula trees to expand his
business needs, without thinking of the consequences.
First he chopped down so many trees that the Bar-ba-loots did not have enough food anymore and
the Lorax had to send them away in search other of food resources.
Secondly as the business expanded for the Once-ler, his factory polluted the air so much that the
Swomee Swans had sore throats, leaving them unable to sing. The Lorax sent them away as well.
The Lorax would plead with the Once-ler but greed still took over the Once-ler.
Lastly the Once-ler’s factory polluted the river and ponds where the Humming-fish lived, they could
not hum anymore and the Lorax also sent them away.
The Lorax pleaded with the Once-ler , but as soon as the last Truffula Tree was chopped down , there
was no hope of helping . The Lorax then lifted himself away and left a mark on a heap of rocks saying
“Unless”. Which means unless somebody cared or cares, we could make a change by saving the
At the end of his story the Once-ler gave the boy the very last Truffula Tree seed and said that
maybe if the Truffula Trees will grow as what they once grew , perhaps the Lorax and his will return
back to what used to be.


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