A. European Union

The European Union (EU) is an economic union of 28 member countries formed in 1993 by the Maastricht Treaty; the purpose of this union is to eliminate trade barriers and to allow free trade between the member countries which are mainly located in Europe (Gabel, n.d.). The formation of EU has supported the trading relationships and interstate dependency. It has also eliminated all types of trading tariffs and implemented a common currency i.e. Euro (Amadeo, 2017).
European trade is considered as one of largest and strongest trade in the world. Commodities such as machinery, vehicles, iron and steel, aircrafts, meat, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals are the major exports of the EU member countries (Economy Watch Content , 2010). Statics have shown that the value of EU exports rose for most of the products between the year 2012 and 2017. The export of tobacco, drinks, and food is the highest as it increased by 22.9%. It is also seen that the export of transport and machinery equipment and chemicals increased by 12.2% and 20.8% (Europa, n.d.).
On the other hand, countries of the EU import many products such as vehicles, machinery, crude oil, plastic, chemicals, textiles, metals and food products (Economy Watch Content , 2010). Statics has shown that between the year 2012 and 2017 EU’s import of lubricant products and mineral fuels have decreased by 38.2% also imports of raw materials decreased by 3.3%. Alternatively, imports of transport and machinery equipment, food and tobacco increased by 31.3% and 20.3% (Europa, n.d.).

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BRICS consists of five major developing economies that are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (Genius, 2018). According to the BRICS trade relations report, the contribution of these nations in global exports and imports amounted to USD2902 billion and USD2339 billion (Genius, 2018). The countries contributed to 18.2% to the global exports and 14.6% of the global imports. Countries under BRICS are known for the production and export of petrochemicals and energy products, automobiles, technology, fertilizers, textiles, precious stones, metals and military machinery. They are also known for competing in the service sector such as Tourism, Real Estate and Healthcare (Genius, 2018). China has been determined as the largest trading nation both in terms of exports and imports among the BRICS countries; China is also the largest exporter of products in the world. Brazil focuses on the export of luxury goods and Russia has decreased its dependency on commodities by developing high technology sector and opening opportunities for businesses. Amongst BRICS member countries; the import from India is considered as cheapest and in bulk (Genius, 2018).
BRICS imports include, pharmaceuticals, plastic, iron and steel, copper, food, electrical equipment, vehicles and crude oil (Genius, 2018).

The GCC consists of six nations that are UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain. The European Union is the largest trading partner of GCC which accounts 11.7% of the trade balance. The GCC countries export mainly oil, gas, aluminum, textiles and other related products (Oxford Business Group, n.d.). The countries import technological products, machinery, vehicles, precious metals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and other products.
The steps that should be taken by the GCC for becoming a potential regional trading block are as follows:
• GCC should think of manufacturing and exporting technological products that can make the trade in GCC like trade in EU.
• GCC should consider manufacturing and exporting luxury products, pharmaceuticals and fertilizers that can make the trade in GCC like trade in BRICS.
• GCC should think of implementing flexible trade rules and regulations, just like EU and BRICS. For example, tax relief, eliminate duty.
Task 2: (CLO4)

a. “The major facilitator in the movement of Production or Business factors is Technology.” Justify the above statement by analyzing two real life examples.

Technology has changed the business process of the organizations. The technology advancement has provided both intangible and tangible benefits to the organization. The technology infrastructure has supported the efficiency, relationships, and culture of business organizations. For example, various technologies are used for communicating effectively, carrying out the operations efficiently and increasing the production capacity. Employees and business owners are able to interact with customers clearly and easily through different communication channels such as websites and phone applications. Technology has also enabled to use advanced software for tracking accounts and managing information (oksbdc, n.d.). Machines supported by advanced technologies are used by organizations in manufacturing processes to increase the production capacity and to reduce cost and man hours. Additionally, different technological devices and equipment are used for controlling processes. The introduction of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and gadgets have enabled organizations to manage their operations, information and other work processes. Many large organizations are carrying out their production process through machines that can even directly communicate with each other. Organizations are using technology for improving their business processes.

Thesis: Wilson had three main progressive reforms the Underwood Tariff Bill that forced Americans companies to compete on the global market, the Federal Reserve Act that created 12 regional banks that were privately owned by publicly controlled, and the Clayton Antitrust Act which broke up monopolies further. Wilson does not compare Roosevelt when it comes to a roe effective progressive since Roosevelt succeed in conserving thousand natures acres. Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt were both progressive reformers. They called themselves progressives because they shared among the same beliefs. Roosevelt won the 1901 election and Wilson won the 1913 election as the second Democrat since 1861. Though he was an intellectual being he sufficed in having Roosevelt charismatic imagination. Wilson was a more vague and academic person. Wilson arrived with a plan already in motion after arriving at the White House he had a clear program that he planned on achieving. The first appeal he set in motion was the Underwood Tariff Bill that lowered tariff, reduced rates making lower priced for consumers. This bill alongside the 16th amendment would allow the government to collect income tax instead of having high tariffs (664).  He proceeds to win a triumph with the Federal Reserve Act which established twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks (665). Also creating the Federal Reserve Board, which regulated banking and created strength during times of low economic activity and low-interest rates. The board would meet up and decide in times of high inflation meant raising interest rates which meant fewer people would borrow money. This act was the backbone through the crust of the WWI. Wilson cut the monopoly further with the Clayton Antitrust Act which extends the antitrust protections of the Sherman Antitrust Act and broke up monopolies further. Wilson did have an effective progressive plan for regulating poverty, and the war but he was nothing compared to the work that Roosevelt did during his presidency. He transformed the ICC, effective regulator for the railroads, and was the first to break up trust. Roosevelt was the original  “Teddy the Trust Buster” as he saw monopolies were getting bigger he found a way to have effective legislation to break up the monopoly and lower the prices for consumers. He passed the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1887 to refinancing the law and break up the trust as they believed were harmful to the public. 

A). Community service/volunteerism to my understanding means a way of give your time and enegry to assist with an organization without expecting anything payment or gift in return.
Volunteering gives you an opportunity to change people’s lives, including your own and the satisfaction of playing a role in someone else’s life or organization, helping people who may not be able to help themselves and also helping an organization to achieve its goal(s). Through volunteering person give to their community or other community which helps to develop skills such as social skills, and gaining valuable work experience all at the same time, it also contributes to personal development especially in areas such as self-fulfillment, self-confidence, and self-esteem. A person can also gain work ecperience from volunteering.

B). Jamaica is currently on a mission to achive four goals in vision 2030. They are: Goal 1: Jamaicans are empowered to chieve their fullest potential. Goal 2: The Jamaican society is secure,. cohesive and just. Goal 3: Jamaica’s economy purpose. Goal 4: Whatever the mind can conceive you shall achieve it.
Goal 1 and 4 are closely linked to community service project. Goal 1 is referring to the determination of the helpfulmentors the country can aim to achieve it’s goal to its full potential. The mentors will apply skills and knwoledge neede to influence the younger generations to have a frame of mind and capabilities to achieve their potential which is geared to achieved the country’s goal. I also selected Goal 4 because with help of our citizens to demonstrate and showcase good hygienic behaviour, it will influence people living in the community ans surroudning are to keep their environment clean and free from garbage. Volunteers can be able to promote good hygiene across the country through different ways and means such as putting up flyers in the organizations, schools and community, seminars/event in order to educate people in and around the area. With the help of volunteers this gola can be achieved and the country can be clean beautifual and air born disease free
C). I can help to contribute to Jamaica’s Vision 2030 by assisting with educational seminars to educate individuals on the imporatance of proper hygiene and how it will affect the environment they are in. I can start by practicing it in my home and community and putting flyers in and around my office to educate members of my workplace on its imprtance.

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