Nursing is caring
for people and desire to help people who are in need. Nursing is protecting of each
individual against physical, psychological illness and promoting people’s knowledge
about health and disease and preventing of any injury or illness. Caring is the foundation that provides a
framework for nursing. Nursing is a combination of art and science. The art of
nursing is usually considered as a part of care, which is not grounded in
scientifically derived or theoretical knowledge. It demonstrates the aspect of
patient care that needs personal comprehension and instinct that each nurse obtains
through practice and experience. Nursing means when patients dealing with
sickness and injury providing not only informational and technical support, but
also, emotional and psychological assistance. I believe that nursing means the
ability to establish an effective therapeutic relationship in order to increase
patient’s self-confidence, which leads to patient’s optimal health and
wellbeing. creating a caring environment and build an ambiance of respect and
compassion nurses need to know what caring means and the effect of caring and
not caring on others.

I chose nursing as my profession because I
believed that I have a desire to help people in need. I knew that nursing is an
honorable career and not should be treated as an occupation to get a paycheck.
My sister, as a nurse practitioner, positively impacted me to pursue my dream
of becoming a nurse. Even though my sister is a nurse, I did not have detailed
information about the nature of nursing. My understanding of nursing was limited,
and I thought implementation of practical skills was a sufficient way to
provide care. I saw nursing from the scope of practical experiences such as
administering medication or IV. I thought that knowing and learning the
scientific and technical side of care in university would be the most important
part of our education. I think all these knowledges was good enough to encouraged
me to choose nursing as a future career in order to be able to help people. But,
after starting my program my thought totally changed, and the art of nursing gave
me another perspective on nursing.

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     For being
a nurse, I need to learn several determining factors. I believe that learning
to how initiate and maintain communication with patient is important. As a nurse,
I have to be present
authentically and empathically by making eye contact, using touch to
communicate care and kindness, and listening actively in order to go to the
heart of the patient’s mind. If I want to be a good nurse, I need to respect patient’s
decision and dignity. As a nurse, I will try to develop my non-judgmental
care skill to those people in need without considering race, beliefs and
disability. I need to enhance my capability to provide a holistic, safe and
patient-centered care. I will ensure that I use my clinical judgment in every
day working in this career. My main belief as a nurse would be kindness, family
support and safety and achieving my goal. I need to learn more how to empower
my patients because it will encourage them to become more active in their own
care plan and decision making about their goals. I must remember that any time
there is a conflict between my beliefs and my patient I need to find a mentor
to assist me through the conflict and find a logical solution to meet the
patient’s need without compromising our own values or ideas. Knowing all of these
factors play a key role and help me achieve my goal which is become a good nurse.


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