Everyone knows that pills can only alleviate the symptoms of the disease – they can not restore their health. Supporters of alternative medicine call us to embark on a path of health, using the opportunities given to each organism by nature. But people continue to be ill. Perhaps this way requires too much labor, energy and will?The questions are answered by the artist, physician and doctor of philosophy in the field of educational psychology, member of the presidium of the Medical Association of Traditional Medicine Yu.F. Saveliev.- Yuri Fedorovich, what led you, a professional artist and sculptor, to unconventional methods of treatment and recovery?- Many years ago I had to seriously take care of my own health. For more than 9 years, I literally “pulled” myself out of the disabled group 1 (the result of prolonged chemical poisoning). Doctors watched me, but they could not help me. It was necessary to choose: to live on a scanty pension or again become a full-fledged person. I chose the latter. Restored the lungs, intestines, spine … Slowly I pulled myself out and started to improve others.- What methods do you use?- The same methods that I once mastered, I now use in my medical practice. This includes respiratory psychotechnics, health training, developing strength and plasticity of movements, and herbal therapy. They gently intertwine bioenergetic methods, since man is a single system in which everything is interconnected. And at the heart of my whole approach to healing is creativity.I am a professional artist, and I was able to see how great the possibilities for restoring human health are in creativity and painting.”But if the patient, for example, does not know how to draw?”- The more you can not, the better: the effect is more noticeable. As a result, through his own creativity, a person passes into some new state for himself. And the psychotraumatic situations that led him to the disease go away, and with them the disease. Other interesting things were found out. It turns out that a person, stimulating a new kind of creativity, not only heals, but also reveals himself as an artist. He himself is surprised when he sees what kind of work he can do. But the most striking thing is that they are done in a very short time – no more than 20-30 seconds! With art therapy, the work itself takes hours and even more. And here everything happens with incomparably greater efficiency and by results for health, and for creativity.- How do you achieve this?- With the help of certain psychophysical exercises and breathing techniques, a patient can help a patient enter a new state of a healthy person – a condition in which all his sores go away, and he begins to draw. I will explain. In our brain, the right hemisphere is responsible for the creative activity. In the ordinary state, we rarely use it. But if a person is given certain exercises that allow him to move into this right hemisphere state, he begins to create.- What exercises should be done for this?- That’s quite simple. Sit down, listening to your breathing. Then inhale as if through the tip of the nose, directing the air, say, to the very bottom of the stomach. And now – on inhalation or on exhalation, as you prefer – try to feel how something pleasant, some substance, rises up to the level of the head from below the stomach or from the perineum. Here it appeared in my head, and we begin to gently untwist it. For example, let it flow into the left half of the head. It flowed. Now from there we let the flow into the right half. Again in the left. Do you feel how something is happening inside? In the cranium we feel a certain substance filling it. Now let this substance, filling the head, gently flows down and fills the entire body. Feel like something is changing in you?- Yes, some changes occur, but it is difficult to describe in words.- Correctly. The rhythm of breathing, pulsation changes, and some vibrations in the body may appear. There is a harmonization of all vital organs. If now you give the paint and paper in hand and offer to depict your condition within 20 seconds, then you will do it. We specifically limit our students in time so that they can not once include the rational part of their brain and think about which paint to take, what technique to use … You just need to fill the sheet with some color or flowers. The technique of drawing here is not fundamental. It is important that a person begins to do all this, splash out himself on a piece of paper.- And what is the effect?- We continue to work, to change a person’s state further. And directly on paper, we see how the disease goes. For example, at first the palette can be gray, some unpleasant color, dirty tones. But quietly, it refreshes, it becomes brighter, more intense, more interesting, and in the end – a recovery. This is the most accessible and very simple method – to write your own state.But there are certain exercises that allow you to already purposefully create – not so much for the purpose of changing your state, but for the purpose of creation as such. For example, express on paper your feelings from viewing a reproduction of a painting, say, Matisse or Picasso. This is also given 20-30 seconds. And so on every picture.A person expresses his own state, his attitude to what he was offered. And sometimes such miracles are obtained!- In which cases do these methods help?- The majority of serious diseases, mental disorders and physiology are associated with psycho-traumatic situations, some life tragedies, etc. Therefore, methods of eliminating the effects of psychotrauma through creativity are very effective. As a rule, healing takes place in several sessions. And having memorized and tried the method on himself, a person is already working on his own state himself. He can then become a national artist or go further professionally to study painting. But the main thing is that he got health improvement. His body in its new state begins to heal itself.- And how do you use the herbs?- Firstly, each plant earns its own opportunities. There are herbs that grow right on bare rocks, in the zone of alpine meadows or even higher. In summer there is + 35 ° ? or even + 40 ° ?, in winter up to -50 ° ?. Rain, snow, wind. The life force of these plants is enormous, and it can be passed on to a person.Secondly, any grass shares with us the information received from the earth and from space. Even touching the packet of grass with your fingers, we take information about the place where these herbs grew, and what they experienced, what they carry in themselves. And in order to get information from the grass, it does not even have to be brewed. Sometimes it’s enough to hold it in your hands once, sniff it. And then just imagine this plant …


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