The United States always has been
the land of immigration and in fact The United States was built by the
immigrants. Today over 13% of nation’s population are people who were born
outside of the United State and half of them are naturalized citizens. These
immigrants make up a huge percent of the U.S workforce in a range of
industries, accounting, farming, fishing, and many of them are also working in math,
computer and science related fields. As workers, business owners. and
taxpayers, immigrants are a huge part of country’s diverse and rising
communities and make a significant amount of contribution to our economy that
benefits us all Americans. Today some people believe that “The Trump
Administration is in power and the Trump administration favors deportations and
restrictions upon immigration. The Republican Party controls both chambers of
Congress (the House and the Senate) and tends to agree with the Trump
Administration on questions of immigration policy.  Therefore, there is no way to refuse or limit
the Trump Administration’s policy on immigration.”

            But cities like New York still can
contribute to the debate over immigration. 

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