Our group decide to choose Nestle as the
company for this assignment after having a deep discussion among ourselves. The
main reason of choosing Nestle is because few of our group members are Nestle
consumers and part of the Nestle family for example we will drink milo before
we start of our daily activities such as work or study. We can have healthier
eating, drinking and lifestyle habits from Nestle products. Besides, good food
can make good life so we wanted to analyse Nestle company’s strategies for
successfully operating their business. This assignment is related to the
organisation and management structure, SWOT analysis, BCG Matrix, Corporate
Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility of Nestle. Nestle is the greatest
sustenance and refreshment producer in the world .Nestle have been supporting
Malaysians through their quality brands and items, such as MAGGI, MILO, NESCAFE
and KITKAT, whilst maintaining their Halal greatness and respectability. On 13
December 1989, Nestle was freely recorded on Bursa Malaysia Berhad according to
Nestle official website. 4707 is the organization code of NESTLE (MALAYSIA)

Nestle is the greatest sustenance and
refreshment producer in the world. In 1866, Nestle was founded and established
in 1867 by Henri Nestle in Switzerland. Nestle is available in 191 nations
around the globe, and the headquartered is in Switzerland. Since year 1912,
Nestle started in Malaysia as the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in Penang.
Later, in year 1939 the development and extension had made a move to Kuala

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The core business activities of Nestle
Malaysia is Nestle Chili Club in Kelantan and Nestle Paddy Club in Kedah. The
company supports the farmers by sharing the good agricultural practices and the
farmers are guaranteed a fair market price for the quality produce delivered.
There are some industry that Nestle Malaysia dynamic in, for example Purina
that leads in pet care, Nespresso that offer espresso machines, Gerber that
create infant nourishment, Nestle Health Science is a one of a kind wellbeing
science organization concentrated on propelling the part nourishment plays in
changing the course of wellbeing for purchasers, patients and human services
experts, and others.


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