History, development, and growth of the company over time HistoryVolkswagen, a German word for ‘people’s car’ is an automobile company was formed by the government of Germany which was under control of Adolf Hitler of the of the Nazi party in May 28, 1937. (BBC, 2015) (Fast Company, 2010) Before it was named Volkswagen, it was called Gesellschaft Zur Vorbereitung Des Deutschen Volkswagenerk which was renamed later that year. The operation was headed by the German labor Front, a wing of Nazi party, Volkswagen had its head office in Wolfsburg Germany and Hitler’s main project regarding Volkswagen was producing cheap affordable yet fast cars at around 140USD at that time. (BBC, 2015)  He wanted every German to have access to cars. To come up with the basic design, Hitler appointed Ferdinand Porsche, an Australian automobile engineer. (Fast Company, 2010) The first product of Volkswagen, the Kraft-Durch-Freude which means strength-through-joy, made its first public appearance in 1939 at the Berlin Motor show. (BBC, 2015) When World War II began, the production stopped and when it all ended the factory was under the ruins. Then the allies focused on reinstating the Volkswagen as an attempt to re-establish the German automobile industry. Due to its wired round shape and small size, along with its prehistoric connection with the Nazis, the car sold less in USA compared to other parts of the world. (BBC, 2015) Development and Growth Due to an excellent campaign by the advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach representing the cars shape and size advantageous to the consumers, the sales grew remarkably over the years and as a result, Volkswagen became the top imported car seller in USA. In the year 1960 government sold 60% of the Volkswagen stock to the general public as an attempt of denationalization in 1972, Volkswagen’s beetle broke the Ford Motor’s Model T’s production record of 15 million worldwide production set between 1908 and 1927. (Fast Company, 2010) With a similar design ever since it’s emerge since 1935 sales were getting slow. Later Volkswagen attempted a bounce back with more updated and sporty model such as the Rabbit and the Golf. (Fast Company, 2010) After 70 years of Beatles’ first production, and producing around more than 21 million units, the last original beetle was produced in Peubla, Mexico in July 30, 2003. (Fast Company, 2010) Fast Company, (n.d.). History-Volkswagen Retrieved 2January, 2010 from: 


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