The integration
of 3D printing

 in supply chain and military logistics

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In recent years, 3D printing innovation is growing
quickly. Sooner rather than later, when 3D printing will be broadly utilized,
the world’s industrial structure will be enormously changed. As 3D printing
turns out to be more incorporated in assembling and manufacturing, it is
anything but difficult to infer that logistics and the existing architecture of
the supply chain ought to be impacted too. 3D printing could diversify the current
flow of supply stream and logistics procedures, such as the global logistics, the
maintained inventory levels, the warehouse infrastructure, the common customer satisfaction
practices, the stock locations, the used transportation routes or even the
customer relations.

Focusing on the sector of military logistics it is
ascertained that many armies worldwide face increased budget cuts and aging
vehicle and aircraft fleets. In this context, they have started to look for
new, innovative and imaginative approaches in order to decrease procurement,
transportation and inventory expenses of the tools, spare parts and supplies
required, as well as the time necessitated for them to be sent and used in the

In this thesis, taking under consideration all the
above stated, I will try to portray the innovation of 3D printing, application
potential outcomes in supply chain and its effect on military logistics.





Three-dimensional (3D) printing has recently arise as a new
technological outbreak with the ability to remodel a wide range of business
sectors, spanning manufacturing, building, healthcare, education, automotive,
aerospace, military and supply chain, inter alia. 3D printing has all those
features that can lead to the evolution or even the revolution of manufacturing
operations, giving the opportunity to the companies involved to create nearly
anything, layer by layer simply by using an individual 3D printer. This
technology permits the creation of almost any geometric pattern just by
operating the proper design software, producing parts that are considerably
lighter than the traditionally fabricated ones, offering although the same or
even better stability and durability.




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