Quick breakfast recipes for single working women

So running late for work? Or the last night
work of yours still awaits you on your table? In this busy life of ours we
often compromise on the day’s most important meal, the breakfast. As the name suggests
it breaks a fast of nearly 12 hours and thus putting your body on rest. So how
can you activate your system is less time? Here are some quick recipes from the
Indian kitchen to fill you up, feel energetic and help you get back to work!

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1.  Indian Bread Pizza:


 4 slices of bread

Chopped coriander,
chillies, onions

 Milk cream

Rava, curd



Mix cream, chopped onion
coriander and chillies along with

 one spoon rava and half spoon curd in one
medium sized bowl.

Spread the mixture on one
side of the breads.

Preheat pan(tava) and
grease it with butter or oil.

Grill the bread first on
plain side and then on the side with spread.

Once it’s reddish-brown on
both sides it’s ready to eat.

Sprinkle oregano and
ketchup on choice.




2. Thepla:


 1/2 cup atta

 2 Tbsp oil

 1 Tbsp dried

 2 tsp salt

 2 tsp ginger

chillies – make paste with salt, ginger and garlic.

 1 tsp garlic

 2 tsp
coriander powder

 1 tsp sugar

Yogurt to knead


Knead all the ingredients and make dough.

Prepare thin chapattis

Eat with sweet or sour pickle.








3.Boiled  Moong:


6 hours soaked Moong

Chaat masala


Boil moong for 5-10 mins 

Spinkle and mix chaat masala over it.

It’s ready to eat.

(If you have more time, fry it with onions and

   4.Besan Cheela


1 cup besan

1 cup water

2 tsp salt or to taste

1/2 onion, sliced

1 tsp chilli powder

1 tsp ajwain

1 green chilli – finely chopped


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and leave for
10-15 minutes

Grease a pre-heated pan with oil

Spread the mix in a round shope on the pan

Grill it to browninsh-red on both the sides

It’s then ready to eat.


5.Whole wheat
pancake (Indian Pancake)


2 cups Wheat flour

1 cup water

Half cup jiggery

2 tsp ghee.


Boil the water and add jiggery to melt and mix with

Then pour this water into the flour and mix till
the lumps are dissolved.

Once the batter is ready on a pre-heated pan,
grease it with ghee.

Then pour this batter on the pan in round shapes.

Turn and grill both the sides of the pancake to
make it brownish-red. Eat with pickles.


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