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• The owner or owner’s representatives along with Key stakeholders will be authorizing the project
• The appointed project manager by the owner / owner’s representatives and in agreement with all key stakeholders will be responsible for providing a high-level overview on the project
• The key stakeholders throughout the project life cycle will be –
6. SCOPE OF WORK: The ‘Iron Triangle’ has been used for scoping to ensure time, cost, scope and quality do not fall apart and the project is a success.

a. Project Objective: To re-design the 5th floor of OPAIC within 20 weeks; with a cost not exceeding NZD$285K. The approx. carpet area is 6000 sq ft. The rate per sq ft is NZD$ 47.5 (Tina, 2018).

b. Objective of the Deliverables: At the end of this agreement, the final deliverables for this project by conducting the below task is listed below –

i. Task
• Re-designing / blueprint of the floor plan
• Preconstruction – finalizing tenders, seeking necessary approvals, planning and locking in resources, cost and timelines, risk management, back-up plan in case of contingencies.
• Procurement – Purchase materials by contractor through purchase orders
• Construction – Finally start work on the building

ii. Deliverables
• Desking space for 70 staff members,
• two conference rooms with a capacity of 10 staff members each,
• A storage unit for stationary and office equipment’s

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