I had never been to a musical concert before Friday December 9th, the concert that I attended was interesting and worth seeing. There were both things that I viewed to be positive and negative about this concert. Each song had something different to offer from the feeling of each piece, what I like and disliked about the piece, and my/crowd’s reaction. March was one of the first pieces I heard. This piece was quite peaceful. There was a smooth melody throughout the work. Although the melody was nice and smooth, there were strong notes that would be played throughout the piece. This gave the music a great mix of highs and lows, with strong and smooth notes. This piece was very nice and relaxing. It made me remember the times when I was younger from my childhood and we would sit around the Christmas tree listening to music with my brother and sister or my parents. The crowd reacted quite well to this piece as I also did. There were not any noticeable mistakes, and the two pianos did not seem to clash and create a sound of dissonance. Although this piece was peaceful it was only one of many I listened to. Another piece I listened to and viewed to be a lot different and more complex had been Danse Russe Trepake. Throughout this song I noticed that the tempo fluctuated. This piece often switched from high to low keys which at times seemed to run together. The two pianos did not always work well and at times seemed to clash against each other. I enjoyed how the melody grew louder and softer, but not to rapidly. Through the middle of the song it seemed that the melody completely switched. After a while there was a switch that returned the piece back to the previous melody. The transition was smooth and well played. I heard a lot of the same keys, but am not sure whether one piano had been repeating the same thing or if was coincidence. There were many different songs presented and different reactions to each one. Each piece had something unique about it whether it was complex and clashed, or smooth and peaceful. I observed how the audience reacted to each section after they were finished, along with their attentiveness while they were being played. In the sections that had stimulated dissonance I noticed that the crowd would get up and leave a certain points, or would be texting on their phone. The applaud the audience gave seemed general; some people did not care to really clap, while others gave a great round of applause.  When the jazz section came about I noticed a completely different reaction from the crowd. Once the saxophone played and the piano provided a smooth back up melody. There weren’t any distractions being used at the time of the presentation. When the piece was over the crowd nearly gave a standing ovation, the applause was louder than all those previous to it. The piece really seemed to grasp the crowd’s attention. The concert was actually really good; there were skilled players and a crowd that enjoyed talent. I wasn’t sure at the beginning but the first piece ended up being my favorite part. Each piece had something new to offer, along with a different reaction for each one. Throughout the course of it all the concert had been well put together and worthwhile. It was a great experience and left a great impression on me. I never got to experience any shows like that except for when I would play in school. It was a much more different atmosphere. I was glad I was fortunate enough to go experience such great music. It makes me miss playing instruments.


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