. The International Labor Organization estimates that there are approximately 600 million people that are considered disabled worldwide. Employers are striving to give disabled individuals a better chance at maintaining employment. There are disadvantages that come along with hiring disabled individuals
One of the disadvantages of hiring a disabled employee is speed and productivity. Disabilities sometime mean that an employee is not able to work with the same capabilities as non-disabled workers. For example, it may take longer for an employee that has a physical disability to move equipment, while an employee with a mental disability may take longer to interpret documents. This sometimes makes different jobs where the ability to keep pace affects other functions of the company.
Discrimination is another disadvantage. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act has opened doors for the disabled in the work force. As many employers strive to comply with disabled workers they still face discrimination. Coworkers may resist having a disabled worker as a member of their team if the specific disabled employee would slow down a project. In some cases, these types of issues can force the members of the human resource department to intervene and settle conflicts. If that is the case it may be time for the employer to step in and remind all employees of the consequences of workplace discrimination.


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