3.0 Characterization of nano hydroxyapatiteDegradation of C12H4Cl2F6N4OS phenylpyrazole insecticide (Fipronil) by advance electro chemical oxidation in aqueous solution was studied. The potency of the process was figured based on the removal of COD (chemical oxygen demand), chloride, fluoride reduction from fipronil. Further we tried to address the advantages of nano-hydroxyapatite (n-HAP) as a cost effective nano sorbent for fluoride removal from fipronil. It was noticed that advance electrochemical oxidation process was more efficient in alkaline conditions other conditions. From the advance electrochemical oxidation experiment, it was found that the removal of COD was 59%, chloride 52% and fluoride 80%. The intermediate of fipronil compounds were analyzed by gas chromatography mass mass spectrum (GC-MS). The final results of the study concludes that advance electrochemical oxidation process was an effective for the treatment of phenylpyrazole (fipronil) contaminated synthetic wastewater.


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