Assessment: Infographic Rationale

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Topic – 5 Simple things
you can do to stop Global Warming.

Purpose – To inform
audience about Global Warming

Audience – Kids and Adults
of all ages

Message – How the effects
of Global Warming can be reduced

Image – Icons and
illustrations, Grids, Typography, Plants


used and reason behind design decisions.


Ø  Typography – 

The typography are clean and simple to encourage a free

The font used for the title is simple and   


Ø  Colour – 

The Green is to show that it’s an eco-friendly assignment and
we wanted to give that message. The red contrast the topic and its icon but not
so much that it pops out too much

it is easy on the


Ø  Size – 

Each area has it’s own respectable large amount of positive
space which provide stability and integrity to the design as well as gives
enough space for typography and imagery, which portrays each section ultimately

The clarification of the facts are smaller so the audience are
forced to get closer to read the design. 


Ø  Shapes
/ lines / texture / etc –

    Puzzle Theme –
Gives a sign of completion to the viewer


Ø  Imagery

 Icons are used such as
the trees and eco-friendly bulbs Icons etc. to show precisely what the facts
are stating. 

Pictures such as Water taps and recycling states that this is
appreciated concerning aiding to lessen the upsets of this devastation.


3.      Design principles
relevant to the design project and how I used/achieved these and the reason
behind my design decisions.


Explain hierarchy and how you have created this in your
design project. What was the effect of creating hierarchy?


 Hierarchy refers to an arranged order. It is
created in a puzzle pattern, part by part perception where viewer’s starts
reading from the 1st labeled number and ends at the last labeled
number. The points are organized that way to guide the viewer’s eye in a subtle



Explain variety and how you have
introduced this in your design project. Why was this



is uniting essentials that don’t give the impression to have much shared. The variability
is exposed by the diverse colors used and different shapes and different patterns
of the design. It’s important so that the design does not come out as a basic
design and we should make sure it will create a pictorial attention to the observer.


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