(Q-1) During the school year, and during the summer of 2017-2018, I have put my leadership skills into practice by not only becoming a real leader, but becoming a caregiver, and role model to others around me. This summer I was given the amazing opportunity to become a leader at Vacation Bible School, which is a great way of getting NJHS hours, I worked a station called “KidVid Cinema” Where every day I taught lessons on God and presented meaningful movies and clips day to day to children 5-11 years old. Also during the summer break, I assisted my dance coach in a dance clinic from ages 2-10 for two days. I taught ballet, and hip-hop,and exercises to the children along with my school peer. It required lots of patience, skill, and love to be able to teach the young ones. That is when I became the teacher. I then learned, what it is like to be in my teachers’ positions, (I also learned why it is important to give my teachers a break, no wonder they are tired every day after school). I believe that the chance to work as a teacher shed light on how much work it is to be a leader and to work daily, with little breaks, and after that experience, I believe I am ready to accomplish what is a leader will throw at me, and what my future holds for me, and other future leaders as well.

(Q-2) In the seventh grade, I was given multiple awesome opportunities to lead in student-based activities. One of them was becoming apart of the NJHS family, in NJHS it is pure leadership skills. We learn teamwork, smart work, and physical work, we have been setting up most of the middle school dances, we decorate, provide food, music, and entertainment. We were taken on a camping trip to Grazalema, Spain, where we worked in teams, created our own utopias, and learned to clean up after each other messes, literally. Working with NJHS showed me the ways others think, how we all have our differences yet still work past them. I was also given the job of introducing the inductees for 2017-2018 NJHS, it may not seem like a big leadership practice, but in reality, it taught me to speak in front of a crowd, and how to grab their attention. NJHS has taught me many leadership skills, and now that I am currently an eighth grader soon to be going into ninth, I have more chances and availabilities for higher spots in sports, school activities, and councils, which I aspire to be involved in.

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(Q-3) This year, me and my peers were very disappointed that middle schoolers were left out of almost every activity this school has done, and I believe this school year I can definitely make a difference in this, the school year of 2017-2018, we were told we would be involved in school more, we would have more opportunities to seize our moment in middle school, yet the rest of our year, we never got to. This year I plan as a leader, to teach others to take a stand, to march, and feel free to speak to our DOD leaders about what you want, and why you want it. This year I also want to ease the mood during the day. I think adding a spirit day titled “Vine day” would make all the school kids excited. Vine is an app that was used globally for children to adults, you were able to make a six-second video about something funny. In most American schools, the creators of vine day would let the students dress up as a vine, and share funny moments throughout their leisure time. I think this idea would make kids more involved with keeping up to date about the school and wanting to come and participate.

(Q-4) I not only believe I am a good candidate to represent my school during the Junior Leadership Seminar, but I know I am. I am confident that I can make a difference as a leader if I was given a chance. I easily make friends and help friends throughout the school year. I am a hardworking student and will work to where I want to be in life. I adapt to working hard easily when I want to succeed. I will not slack, and if you do choose me, I will not disappoint you, choosing me will be getting a closer look to the inside of the students’ mind, the diversity, the thinking process, and the ideas. I would be very grateful for the fortuity and will continue to work hard after JLS has ended.


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