the existing data collected from Pew Research Center, we can understand that
most digital media users were involved on political discussions during the 2016
presidential election than ever, but most of them have shown frustration over
the tone and content of social platforms. Digital media have very strong
effects on democracy and political participation and as people’s habit of
getting news from social media increases it is opening doors for unverified
information and fake news.

media platforms are becoming institutions of democracy. They are where our
democracies are played out, where we make our campaigns takes place and where
our elections take place but they have been there for only few years. The best
quality of social media is that we can share information with what we want with
whoever we want, this is democracy by itself. 
In addition, social media gives a power for underrepresented group of
people. The digital media helps amplify what is in peoples mind.

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digital media also created the opportunity for the advertisers to reach
millions of targeted audiences. This gave them the opportunity to put out
specific advertisings for specific people without the knowledge of the rest of
the world. So no one knows what they are saying to whom? You couldn’t publish a
political ads on a newspaper and expect the rest of the country not see it.
This means there is a whole set of political advertising that is completely unscrutinize.

is immensely impossible to spot which is a true news or fake news just by
reading the headline. This makes the digital media the Wild West which needs
regulation but difficult to regulate or control. What is happening now in the
digital media is making democracy and political participation far more
unpredictable and unstable. 

advancement of digital media social Medias like Facebook and Twitter are
becoming a hybrid of tech-platforms and publishers. Most traditional media
outlets made a very impressive job on being present on social media but a lousy
job on getting their facts straight. I think it is too early to tell the impact
of digital media in democracy but we need and can decide what that impact is.


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