. 1.1 In the first stanza, the speaker tells us about the chores and responsibilities of women. The word ‘always’ (l1.) tells us that it never stops, their ‘hands’ (l.1) are busy doing something all the time. The speaker talks about ‘woman’ (l.1) which suggests that she is talking about women in general. In line 2, the items listed, has all different meanings: ‘A handbag’ (l.2) might refer to her belongings that she keeps with her. ‘a vase’ could suggest that she feels just as unimportant and vulnerable as an ornament at home, or it might mean that she is always busy decorating the house. ‘a child’ (l.2) suggest that a woman is a mother. ‘a ring'(l.2) means that the woman has a husband. ‘an idea’ might suggest that she wants to explore and do something different. Line 3 the word ‘tired’ means she is worn out. ‘They simply want to fold themselves’ (l.4) suggest that she is giving up, or she wants to relax without her daily chores.


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