1. Stimulation of sensory nerves:
Applying the faradic current, there is having a mild pricking sensation. And there is also leading mild erythema(redness)of the skin due to vasodilation of superficial vessel. This vasodilation will only occur in superficial tissue.
2. Stimulation of the motor nerves:
Faradic current stimulate motor nerve if the sufficient intensity there will occur muscle contraction. As stimulation and thereby contraction repeated 50 times per second there occurs a tetanic type of contraction. If it is continued more than a short period of time , the concerned muscle will be fatigued. That is why the current is surged or interrupted give rest or relaxation to the muscle.
3. Effect on muscle contraction
When muscle contact, result of electrical stimulation. The changes taking place within the muscle are similar to those asociated with voluntary contraction. There occurs increased metabolism with consequence increase the demand for O2 and foodstuff associated with increased output of waste materials. As the muscle contract and relax, it exerts a pumping action on vein and lymphatic vessel lying within and around them.
4. Stimulation of the nerve is due to producing a change in the semi-permeability of the cell membrane:
This is achieved by altering the resting membrane potential. When it reaches a critical excitatory level, the muscle supplied by this nerve is activated to contract.
5. Effect on denervated muscles
For the stimulation of denervated muscles, the impulse required is more than 1 ms. So, faradic current is short duration current which cannot stimulate the denervated muscles.
6. Reduce swelling and pain:
Due to alteration of the permeability of the cell membrane, leading to acceleration of fluid movement in the swollen tissue and arterial dilatation. So, it leads to increase metabolism and get rid of waste products.
7. Chemical changes:
The ions move one way during one phase of the current; and in the reverse direction during the other phase of the current if it is alternating. If the two phases are equal, the chemicals formed during one phase are neutralized during the next phase. In faradic current, chemical formation should not be great enough to give rise to a serious danger of burns because of the short duration of impulses.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose and Scope of the Report
Health service organisations have a responsibility to ensure that adept clinical governance systems are in place to provide consistent, safe and high quality patient-centred care.(1) Quality improvement processes often incorporate different approaches in an attempt to identify and analyse contributing root causes. The Health Service Ombudsman produced a report documenting the care provided to ten older people by the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).(2) This report analyses the quality and safety of care provided in the case of Mrs H. To do this, a fishbone diagram is utilised to identify possible contributing root causes and some of the issues identified are discussed with specific reference to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. Actions taken post Ombudsman investigation are discussed and further recommendations are provided.

1.2 Limitations
The length of this report is restricted by a 1,500-word limit which impacts the depth of analysis that can be undertaken. The construction of the fishbone diagram did not involve consultation with any of the key stakeholders and, as such, a true and accurate root analysis could not be presented. This is due to a limited understanding of contributing factors and hospital policies/ procedures. Finally, further testing was not conducted to confirm the true root causes.

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1. Conceal and Permission-Only the professionals like community services require the knowledge of the assessments so it needs to be concealed. Before the assessment begins, guardians must give permission.
2. Desire and emotion- If the child is unwilling or unhappy to continue the assessment then it should stop. The feelings and any difficulty at home should be regarded.
3. Distinct necessity and Disorder- There should be no comparison between a child with a disorder and another child. The assessment should be carried out with their own rate of development. Any distinct necessity or special need should also be taken into account.

4. Cultural, ethnic and linguistic background- Children may have various concepts about what is reasonable and how to act under different circumstances as they come from dissimilar backgrounds.
5. Authenticity of Information- To gain a precise scenario of development, the information gathered must be authentic.
6. Ignoring bias- During the assessment, it is necessary to be impartial.

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1) Basic Information –
•Minecraft username: HCFSkybridge
•Discord Tag: HCFSkybridge#6906
•Region: Midwest
•Previous Minecraft usernames: mrtacoman99 (I was 9)
•Timezone: CST (1 hour below EST)
•Age (Note: You must be 15 or over to apply): 15
•Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a working microphone? (yes/no) Yes.
•Do you have the ability to record minecraft video?.) Yes. (OBS)

2) Do you actively use the forums? I will from now on, before this I haven’t really had a use for the forums.

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3) How much time do you have to contribute to the role? About 6-7 hours a day.

4) Why should we accept you as staff on our server? I believe that you should accept me as a staff member because I know what it’s like to be a staff member and a player. I know what players want from the staff members and I do plan to meet their expectations. I plan to do so by actively helping out and being as respectful as possible. I also plan to be as active as possible. Whenever I’m free I will be online and helping on all platforms, such as teamspeak, forums, and in game. Being active is something I believe is very important for being a great staff member. Dedication is when it comes to being a staff member, I know I mentioned this, but that just goes to show how important I think dedication is, I will be dedicated to my position and I will respect it, I understand what the helper rank is and what I have to do if I do obtain it. When it comes to being a staff member on a server I believe you should all of these traits no matter how big or small the server is. As a helper I will be very dedication to helping people, monitoring chat and doing what my assigned rank tells me to do. I will always give 110% when helping anyone, I do not care how long it takes I will solve the players problem, I will not stop until the player is satisfied with what I’ve done. I will always ask if the player needs help with anything else, I will never cut a player off when they are speaking, I will never get into an argument with a player, I believe that is very immature, instead of arguing I would try and find a solution to the problem. I can assure you that I will have complete loyalty to the server. I believe myself to be a very mature person when it comes to helping out or speaking to players, I will always call them by their in game name, I will also speak to them as if they were a higher ranking staff member. I should treat players like how I treat higher ups, players deserve the same respect as higher ranking staff members. On the other hand, I also do love joking around and having an overall great time when speaking to people, that’s just the kind of person I am. I fully understand that there are time where you need to be mature and there is a time when you can be mess around. Another trait that I can give to the staff team is being fair, I know a bunch of people say that they will be fair to all players, but when I say it I really do mean it. I do not care how close you are to me I will treat you the same as I would with another player that I don’t know, punishment wise. I know some decisions will be difficult but that’s part of what being a staff member is and I will just have to live with it. I know myself, and I believe that sometimes I will not make the best decisions, but I will try my best and do what I can to make it work. As well as helping other players, I will also be enforcing the rules. Rules are what help the server maintain order. Without rules players could do whatever they want without consequence, furthermore, you can have the best rules in the world, but you have to have good staff members who enforce those rules to help the server go in the right direction. I will strive to be one of those staff members who is constantly putting in the work to get rid of anyone who is exploiting the game in anyway or making the server unentertaining for any player. All players are important, no one should have to be looked down upon or be discriminated because they do not have a certain rank, if a player had no rank yesterday and bought the top rank today, they would be the same person they were yesterday just with a different rank. Incidentally, I’m also a very honest and trustworthy person, I will always tell the truth in any situation, it’s better to tell the truth now then for them to find out later you were actually lying. When someone lies and the person he lied to finds out, they usually get a worse punishment. I believe I’m a very responsible person, I will never blame another staff member for my wrong doing, I can take accountability for my actions. If I do manage to make a mistake I will take the punishment and there will be no excuses from me, if you do make a really bad mistake then you shouldn’t have done it in the first place, there should be no complaining if you get demoted for a proper reason. Also, if I do say something to you, not in a joking way, you can take my word for it. If I’m not sure about something then I’ll definitely tell you. I do try my best to be a leader, I not only want to put the server in the right direction but other people as well. If I do manage to get into the higher rankings I will try and help the new staff members and try to talk to them and answer any questions they might have. Furthermore, I believe myself to be a hard-worker as well when it comes to being a staff member. I will always try to be better than I was yesterday, everyday I would like to try and improve on something, whether that be catching rule breakers or moderating chat, I will do my best every day that I am on the staff team. When it comes to being a staff member proof is essential, I understand that you always record when you suspect that you think is hacking. I have multiple recording softwares that are suitable to get the sufficient amount of proof.

5) SCENARIO: Suppose you see a staff member who is higher than you Cheating or abusing What would you do? I would notify my superviser (If I have one) or I would get proof of it then let a higher up staff member that’s not that staff member know what he/she is doing.

6) Tell us about a time you made a mistake within the last year? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? About a year ago I was messing around with my friends. We we’re on a HCF server that had just opened. We we’re being toxic and hacking like uncontrolled children. We we’re messing with the owner and telling him this server was dead. He then recorded what we we’re doing and IP-Banned us all. He posted it on youtube and brought shame on us. Me and the Owner had a private conversation about how we we’re in the wrong and we won’t do it again. He took down the video and to this day me and my friends learned to be fair to everyone and to be mature instead of acting like children.

7) If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft? I am involved in a sport called diving. You jump off a diving board and you can do flips and tricks.

8) Why do you want to be staff on CavePvP? CavePvP is really one of a kind. I never really did like HCF, but when I played CavePvP it changed my perspective. I feel like there is always something to do on CavePvP and that’s what I love about it. The players and the staff members have all been very kind to me. I would love to try and help out the community more and show them the same kindness and respect that they gave me. When I play CavePvP I really do have a great time and if I do get the opportunity to become a staff member then I would try and make sure everyone has the same amount of fun as I do. My goal from becoming a staff member is really just to help players out, I’m not doing it for popularity, or to have the powers or anything like that, my main end goal is to make the server a better place for the players. As a staff member I want to try and clean any rule breakers or anyone that might ruin a players experience. Rule breakers are not fun to have around, it doesn’t make it fun for the player when someone it’s playing the game incorrectly. I will try my best not to false accuse or ban anyone, if I do think someone is hacking I will take the appropriate measurements and I will record them so I have proper proof, even if I know someone is for sure hacking, I would still record so I have proof just in-case the person does try to appeal the ban. I do understand rule breakers are not only hackers there are still chat rules as well as other in game rules. As for the chat rules, I know there are some “toxic” and very unkind people in the chat, I would like to try and cut down on people who argue and are unkind to the players. I would try to privately speak to both players to see what the problem is and how we can solve it. I believe no-one should have to deal with someone trash talking them when all they are trying to do is have fun. I believe I have a good amount of skills that can help benefit the staff team in a positive way.
9) Do you have any previous server moderation or leadership experience?
If so explain what role you played, what skills/experiences you picked up and how this will help you in your role as a helper. ToxicHCF: I was Trial-Moderator on a server called ToxicHCF and helped out the community. I was on at most of my free time and really benefitted the server for a while that’s really the only HCF server I have been staff on due to my inactivity to HCF recently.

10) Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one? My previous application was for ToxicHCF and that was at 7/11/2018.

11) Anything else we should know? You’ve heard everything that you need to know about me personally. Hopefully I can benefit you’re Network as much as I hope.?


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