STUDENT NO : 201800785

My object is a key
It is the CISA (certified information system audit) key
It has a tip, cuts, shoulders and bow
It is small
It is portable
It is made up of metal
The colour of my object silver and the key holder is green and white
It has the blade which slides into the keyway of the lock and distinguish between different keys.

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It also has the bow which is the left.

It is the quality locking device in South Africa.

The key is used to operate lock such as to lock and unlock. It is the great object because it provides with great security and protection. The key server as a security token for access to the locked area only person with a lock can enter or get access to the area. The object is easy to use, it is portable you can carry your key everywhere. A key usually is usually intended to operate a small number of locks that are keyed alike, so each lock requires a unique key. If you have a key in your house you are protected because no one can enter your house without your key. The material that was used to make this key was steel and plastic to make a key holder. I got this object at university to lock my door always. I was given this object to always to protect me from anyone who wants to come to my room without my permission and protect my stuff inside when I am not around.

I am the one who own the object, but I am not the first one to use it because there was someone who was staying in my room before me that was using the same key. The object is very important to me because when my door is locked I know that I’m safer. When I left I make sure that I lock my room. Your key is your security because it prevents people to enter your house. The key is also important to the people close to me because it protects us from anyone who wants to enter our house. At night you don’t fear anything because your door is closed and locked it can only be opened by you with your key. I have memories about my objects, it was Monday morning I was late for class so I rushed to class and I remembered that I forgot to lock my room. I started panicking because I knew that my room was not secured, and anything would happen. I rushed back and checked if everything was still alright and I was happy and relieved to see that nothing was stolen. That’s when I realised how important a key is.

Egyptians made the first lock out of wood. They built into massive crossbars that slid across their door and secured them in place. While these primitive wood barriers were ineffective, they made a statement. That message is no different than the one made by today’s digital locks. ”hands of my stuff”. CISA company that made keys the started a family business Derrick Purdue and his sons, Sinclair and Julian, started out in small premises, with 3 stuff members. In Cape Town CBD 1982, importing and assembling CISA pad locks. Their position was to supply high quality locking devices in south Africa, whilst creating employment that was fair and uplifting. They used metal for their locks and keys. The company was unknown when they first made their keys. The functions of the are the same you lock and unlock.
Protecting your home is the number 1 priority. The key is there to protect your house or wardrobe. The key was there even in the past and it is still here even today so that tells me that it is something important and it has passed to the future generation. The question that I would like to know is that even though there are other ways of securing your place why is the key still the most used? I think I would find the answer to the people that are using the key.

(Consulted 28-february-2018) Google scholar


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