• This theory is quite simple to apply in order to improve behaviour.
• It is not complicated to understand, therefore this makes it quite adequate for anyone to use it, and anyone can apply it without the requirements of specialists or professionals.
• Results from implementing this theory can usually be observed within a short time span. These results can be recorded, and progress can be determined.
• It is established on the fundamentals that by positive reinforcement rewards, the behaviour will be recurrently elicited.
• For the behaviour to be modified, small steps are required.
• It can be applied to both humans and animals, regardless of their age.

• Sometimes it can be quite challenging for certain individuals to alter their behaviour and thoughts.
• There may be the risk that the individual will retaliate, and instead of eliciting the desired behaviour, one may do the complete opposite.
• Senior individuals may be insulted and offended if they see themselves being treated like children.
• This theory does not acknowledge the individual’s thoughts or emotions.
• It can be considered as domineering and punishing.
• In certain situations punishments are delivered more than rewards.
• Behaviourism can be viewed as a deprivation of passive human qualities – by lessening behaviour to stimuli responses.
• It tends to imply that individuals are associated to self-indulgent animals.

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