• The main benefit of our product that gives us a superior competitive advantage from our competitors that we use solar energy integrated with the Air Conditions that directly affects consumer’s electricity usage that have a massive savings in electricity costs. It also affords them some peace of mind, since solar power can be used as a back-up emergency energy store in case of power outages. Beyond this, using solar energy is also useful on a broader scale. Unlike electricity, it does not release emissions into the air or sap our planet’s natural resources. Solar energy is a wonderful way to provide your home with all it needs in terms of heating and cooling while benefitting yourself and the environment.
Why Use Solar Energy? – By using solar power, you not only benefit yourself but plenty of others too!
Advantages of Using Solar Power – Using solar power helps to reduce costs while benefitting the environment.

• Air conditioners are fast becoming a standard requirement for comfort during summer in many countries. As the world is developing, becoming richer and urbanizing, their rate of adoption is escalating fast.
Massive numbers are currently installed in developing economies such as Saudi Arabia, China, India and Brazil, where air conditioners have become increasingly affordable on account of the rise in disposable incomes. Air conditioners consume more energy than any other standard household item. But think about it: the more the sun shines, the hotter it gets, the more cooling you want. Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could use the sun’s energy – through PV panels or through a solar thermal system – to cool our homes and offices? That would be solar air conditioners.

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• But what exactly are Solar Air Conditioners?
Well, the key difference between a solar air conditioner and a conventional unit is that the former is powered not from grid electricity (at least during the day) but by electricity generated from solarphotovoltaic panels. To understand the principle behind air conditioning,


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